New Sidewalk Requests

How To Request A Sidewalk

The Takoma Park City Council has established a process for new sidewalk requests. Residents request the initiation of a sidewalk planning process via an active and recognized neighborhood association or residents in the affected area request that the City perform a survey of the households in the affected area and at least 50% of the responders provide a yes vote. The City Council or City Manager can also initiate a new sidewalk request.

City staff will review the request and determine the appropriate length of the proposed sidewalk, to ensure that it will function effectively and be in compliance with Federal and State regulations. 

Once a request is received by any of the methods listed above, the City will schedule a community meeting. All households in the affected area will be mailed a notice notifying them of the meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be to provide factual information about the requirements for the size, location and construction impacts of a sidewalk, and inform residents of the City’s planning process for new sidewalk requests. 

After the meeting, the City will mail a survey to the households in the affected area. If at least 50% of the responses received are positive, the project will be assigned to an engineering firm for development. The design development process will be dependent on funding and requests will be placed in a queue based on the date the request was received or survey was completed. 

Complete details on how to request a sidewalk are available in Takoma Park City Council Resolution 2012-16:

If you have any additional questions please contact the Public Works Director at 301-891-7615.