October is Crime Prevention Month – Drug Use & Alcohol Abuse Prevention - Community Advisory

This week’s theme, Drug Use & Alcohol Abuse Prevention, corresponds with upcoming Red Ribbon week (October 23-31), which is a nationwide campaign to pledge against illegal drug use and alcohol abuse. It also corresponds with our upcoming Nationwide Prescription Drug Take Back Day (October 26), which is also a nationwide campaign to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding your homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs.

On any given day around the world:

  • Nearly 1.2 million teenagers smoke cigarettes
  • 631,000 drink alcohol
  • 586,000 use marijuana
  • 50,000 sniff inhalants
  • 27,000 use hallucinogens
  • 13,000 use cocaine
  • 3,800 use heroin

These are the statistics for people between the ages of 13 - 19. Imagine the numbers if it were to include all ages. These numbers are alarming, and both illegal drug use and alcohol abuse are very common among all walks of life and social classes.

Most people fall into the addictive cycle of drug use and alcohol abuse when they are teenagers; the time when they are most susceptible to peer pressure. Informing teens of the dangers of drug and alcohol use is the best way to prevent them from falling into the cycle of addiction. It will provide them with a way to make smarter decisions. Parents and caregivers who talk to their children about drugs and alcohol will raise them to be more informed teens who are less likely to use illegal substances.

Check out http://www.getsmartaboutdrugs.com/prevent/11_points_for_parents_to_prote... for more information on how to protect children from the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

To learn ways to promote red ribbon week in your community, work, or schools go to http://www.getsmartaboutdrugs.com/prevent/promote_red_ribbon_week.html.