Ward 3 Special Election - April 8, 2014

Ward 3 Special Election Logo

The three candidates who are on the ballot were invited to submit photos and 150 word statements. They are listed here alphabetically.

Jeffrey Noel-Nosbaum

Website: jeffnnforward3.webs.com
Email: JeffreyNNForWard3@gmail.com

Jeffrey Noel-Nosbaum - Ward 3 CandidateHi. I am Jeffrey Noel-Nosbaum and have been a Takoma Park resident nearly my entire life, always as a Ward 3 resident. I'm running to provide new and important perspectives to the Council. I'm 31 and look forward to being a generational bridge on the Council in a town many young residents are leaving. Also, I don't own a home but instead rent my current residence and think in a city with as many rental units as Takoma Park, a tenant's perspective is useful on the Council. Last (but certainly not least) of all, I'm a Montgomery County employee and since Marc Elrich left for the County Council, nobody on the City Council has provided a local government employee's view to our local government. All these factors would lead me to work with all the city's stakeholders, not just the city's activists.


Roger Schlegel

Website: www.rogertakoma.com
Email: roger.b.schlegel@gmail.com

Roger Schlegel - Ward 3 CandidateAn Allegheny Avenue resident, I’m married with two children. I’ve taught high school English, geography, and theater for twenty years. I have an MPA and have worked for local governments in DC and North Carolina. In recent years, I’ve helped lead the City Manager selection committee, the Takoma Junction Task Force, Pinecrest Association, and the Cooperative Nursery School; and I received a 2012 Azalea Award. Focused and fair-minded, I’m good at putting people at ease and turning conflict into a productive, rather than paralyzing, situation.  In my view, Ward 3 priorities include Takoma Junction revitalization, park improvements, public safety, sidewalks, and street maintenance. Citywide priorities include maintaining incoming diversity, fixing the County reimbursement, and adopting a goal-oriented budgeting approach. But one priority underlies and unifies all the others: setting bold, measurable objectives for reducing our ecological footprint.  Please cast a vote for me on April 6, 7, or 8. Thanks!


Kate Stewart

Website: www.KateStewartforTakoma.com
Email: KateStewartforTakoma@gmail.com

Kate Stewart - Ward 3 CandidateMy husband and I came to Takoma Park 20 years ago, renting on Philadelphia before purchasing a home on Elm Avenue. My priorities include revitalizing Takoma Junction, building a sustainable future, and ensuring a safe and welcoming community.  As the City grows, I will provide strong leadership to ensure our community thrives. I will support efforts such as the

Community Kitchen, expanding innovative opportunities for small businesses, preserving and reinvesting in affordable housing, and promoting initiatives to improve the health of the community. I will expand opportunities for young people and support programs to help seniors stay in the community as they age.  My two daughters have benefited from great local public schools and I have enjoyed being an active volunteer and soccer coach. As Executive Vice‑President of Advocates for Youth and a former small business owner I have experience managing a large staff, complex projects, and mulit‑million dollar budgets.