About the Candidates - 2013 City Election

Note: This information originally appeared in the November issue of the Takoma Park Newsletter. View the Takoma Park Newsletter here.


Bruce R. Williams - Incumbent

Photo of Incumbent Mayor CandidateI look forward to continuing to serve as Mayor of Takoma Park. I’ve worked on hundreds of issues while in elected office, and one issue that never goes away is tax duplication. We continue to pay taxes to Montgomery County for services that are provided by the City of Takoma Park. The county is supposed to rebate those duplicated payments back to the city, which should reduce our need to tax city residents to pay for those services that we provide. The county hasn’t abided by current agreements, and now they want to reduce our payments by 60 percent below already reduced levels. I’m in the thick of negotiations at the state and county levels to try to bring these discussions to a fair conclusion. I hope that we are successful in these negotiations, because if we aren’t, our budget will take a huge hit. Be ready to weigh in!

Email: brucew@takomaparkmd.gov
Phone: 240-676-6234


Ward 1

Seth Grimes - Incumbent

Photo of Ward 1 Incumbent CandidateIt has been an honor representing Ward 1 — Hodges Heights, North Takoma, Old Town-Carroll, the Philadelphia-Eastern Neighborhood, and Victory Tower — on the Takoma Park City Council. Thank you to everyone I’ve worked with over the past two years! I have done my best to meet the highest standard of responsiveness, responsibility, and good sense. I have worked to promote strong city management, expand services where needed, boost public safety, strengthen local businesses, build community and extend support to our most needful neighbors. I have aimed to represent my constituents, and to serve the whole of our city, within the progressive tradition and caring ethos for which Takoma Park is well known, with an awareness of financial limits and priorities. I hope I have earned — and will continue to justify — Ward 1's confidence in me. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you to create a better Takoma Park.

Website: sethgrimes.org
Email: grimes@altaplana.com
Phone: 301-873-8225


Ward 2

Tim Male - Incumbent

Photo of Ward 2 Incumbent CandidateIt’s been a privilege to serve Ward 2 for the past two years and get to know hundreds of you. During this time we’ve worked together to lower taxes, launch an initiative to find Sligo Creek pollution sources, increase community grants, expand assistance to lower income residents, pass first-in-nation protection for children and residents from cosmetic lawn pesticides and expand local democracy to better include apartment-based residents and 16-17-year olds. Just as important are individual problems that affect you or your family and that we’ve worked to solve together. In the next two years, I will work to finalize energy conservation initiatives for single and multi-family homes, expand sustainability efforts, continue to improve city services and infrastructure, respond to an increase in home robberies, and start a broader conversation about development pressures on the community and how we grow while maintaining our quality of life.

Website: timmale.com
Email: timothymale@gmail.com
Phone: 240-874-0341


Ward 3

Kay Daniels Cohen - Incumbent

Photo of Ward 3 Incumbent CandidateMy parents moved to Takoma Park in 1946 so I am “home grown,” attending Takoma Elementary, Takoma Junior High, Montgomery Blair and the University of Maryland. I’m running for re-election to the Ward 3 City Council position on a record of community involvement, commitment, experience and leadership. I believe engaging people in thoughtful decisions is a great way to build partnerships and teamwork!!! I want to continue to create positive relationships with Ward 3 and the City. I know what it takes to get the job done as I have spent time on both sides of the dais. I continue to bring years of experience and civic leadership to the council. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the residents of Ward 3 for the past two years and I am looking forward to the next two and asking for your vote again... Ward 3 Rocks!!!

Website: kaydanielscohen.com
Email: kdcward3@gmail.com
Phone: 301-270-1084


Ward 4

Terry Seamens - Incumbent

Photo of Ward 4 Incumbent CandidateIn the past, I have supported building the Community Center, advocated for youth programs, including restarting the very successful basketball league, and helped provide funding for the outdoor basketball court. I have strongly supported community organizations to meet our most vulnerable neighbors’ basic needs, and assisted entrepreneurs to develop their business dreams. During the coming term, I will focus on the following goals for Ward 4:

  • Stronger economic development, with emphasis on supporting new businesses
  • More opportunities for young people as they strive to enter the workforce
  • Better environmental programs
  • Reduced traffic in our neighborhoods, and improved traffic calming measures
  • Inclusion and empowerment of all community members

My passion and commitment to community service makes me your friend and the best public servant for Ward 4. I ask for your vote for my continued service.

Email: tjseamens@aol.com
Phone: 301-565-0190

Eric Mendoza - WITHDRAWN

Photo of Ward 4 Challenger CandidateNOTE: Ward 4 candidate Eric Mendoza has informed the City Clerk that he has withdrawn from the 2013 City Election. Since the deadline for withdrawal has passed, his name will remain on the ballot.

Hello, my name Is Eric Mendoza and I’m running for Ward 4 in the City of Takoma Park. I am an active volunteer youth minister in the neighborhood for over 10 years. My campaign and I are here on a mission, and one of our main goals is to teach the youth the process of voting and registering to vote and to get out to voice their opinion. We are also focused on the concerns and well being of the citizens of Ward 4 to get everyone involved in the voting process.As the lowest voting ward it’s time we uplift Ward 4. The way we look at it, since we want to build a better community, why not ask the people of the community. So I, Eric Mendoza, is here and been here for the people because it’s not about me, it’s about us. Ward 4 GET OUT AND VOTE.

Email: ericomendoza76@yahoo.com


Ward 5

Jarrett K. Smith - Incumbent

Photo of Ward 5 Incumbent CandidateJarrett K. Smith was elected as the City of Takoma Park, Ward 5 Councilmember in a special election in July 2012. Since then, Councilmember Smith has been a whirlwind of activity pursuing life’s endeavors and prioritizing important issues not only to Ward 5, but, to the entire city of Takoma Park. His positive spirit is infectious in that anyone spending merely a moment of time with Councilmember Smith is left feeling as though they want to stand up taller, hold their chin higher, are ready to pay attention, and lastly get involved. With participation as his mantra, Councilmember Smith has been very successful in executing programs that directly impact his “care abouts”; from securing funding for the Flower Avenue Green Street Project, instituting a summer literacy program, food pantries, as well as a Health Enterprise Zone, Councilmember Smith is seeking the opportunity to continue participating as a leader for progress.

Website: smithfortakomapark.com
Email: jarrett.smith@gmail.com
Phone: 301-960-7462


Ward 6

Fred Schultz - Incumbent

Photo of Ward 6 Incumbent CandidateI am running for re-election in Ward 6 because there are serious issues facing the city that need tending to. These include financial issues we have with the county, like tax duplication, that pose significant risks, and Highway User Revenue funding from the state. Important planning and development issues face our city, especially in Ward 6. These include working to ensure the Purple Line becomes a reality, and encouraging commercial property owners to undertake redevelopment or rehabilitation of their properties according to the Takoma-Langley Sector Plan. We cannot just sit back and wait for these things to happen. We need to be proactive. With four years experience on the City Council, one learns how to get things done in the city and with the state and county too. I enjoy helping people and figuring how to resolve concerns to their satisfaction. Fortunately I have the time to devote to all these challenges.

Email: fshultz@starpower.net
Phone: 301-434-7090