Domestic Partnership Registry

The City of Takoma Park established a Domestic Partnership Registry in 1993. Through the registry, persons in committed relationships who meet the criteria established by the City Council as constituting domestic partners are invited to register at the Office of the City Clerk and obtain a certificate attesting to their status.

Domestic Partners are defined as two individuals in a mutual caring relationship, eighteen years of age or older, both of whom reside in a mutual domicile. A domestic partner must be unmarried, the sole domestic partner of the other, and not have been registered as a Domestic Partner for the last six months.

The Domestic Partnership Registry is maintained as a confidential record by the City Clerk. Information will only be released with the written consent of the parties concerned. Upon application and payment of the required fee, the City Clerk will issue one Certificate of Registration to the applicants as proof of their domestic partnership registration.


  • Declaration of Domestic Partnership: $25
  • Amendment to Declaration: $10
  • Termination of Domestic Partnership: $25
  • Confirmation of Registry (Certified Copy of Certificate): $10
  • Additional Certificate of Registration (or Replacement Certificate): $10


  • Declaration of Domestic Partnership (Currently Not Available)
  • Amendment to Declaration of Domestic Partnership (Currently Not Available)
  • Termination of Domestic Partnership (Currently Not Available)
  • Verification of Registration (Request for Certified Copy of Certificate) (Currently Not Available)

Related Documents:

  • Resolution 1993-77 Establishing a Domestic Partnership Registry for the City of Takoma Park (Currently Not Available)
  • Administrative Procedure 93-01 Domestic Partnership Registry (Currently Not Available)