Safe Roadways Committee

The Safe Roadways Committee serves in an official advisory and coordination role to the City Council on all matters related to transportation. The purpose of the Committee is as follows:

  • A. To advise the City Council on transportation-related issues including, but not limited to, pedestrian and bicycle facilities and safety, traffic issues, and transit services.
  • B. To encourage Takoma Park residents to use alternatives to driving, including walking, bicycling, and transit.

The Committee was established pursuant to Chapter 2.12, Article 2, of the Takoma Park Code.


The Committee consists of up to 11 persons to be appointed by the City Council. Efferts shall be made to have representation from each of the City's wards. Members may serve for no more than six years continuously. Committee members shall serve staggered two-year terms. All terms begin on July 1 and end on June 30. Midterm vacancies are filled to serve the balance of the unexpired term.

Current Members

  • Sylvia Borenstein
  • Elizabeth Cattaneo
  • Joe Edgell (Chair)
  • Sheryl Gross-Glaser
  • Katherine (Kacy) Kostiuk
  • Ryan Morden
  • Scott Williams

There are four vacancies on the Committee.

Meeting Schedule

The Safe Roadways Committee generally meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Check the City of Takoma Park Calendar for up to date schedule information.

Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

Upcoming Items

  • Safe Routes To Schools Coordinator & Police Department (April)
  • Terry Seamens, Ward 4 (May)
  • Jarrett Smith, Ward 5 (June)
  • Fred Schultz, Ward 6 (July)
  • Intersection Sight Line Improvements
  • Bike routes through city
  • Committee website

Documents of Interest:

Agendas and Minutes: