Emergency Preparedness Committee

The Emergency Preparedness Committee was established by the City Council to provide community input to and assist in the City's planning and preparations for emergency operations and to involve residents in providing appropriate assistance during emergency operations.

News from the Committee

Committee membership includes seven Takoma Park residents appointed by the City Council, senior City Staff selected by the City Manager, one member selected by the Public Safety Citizens Advisory Committee (PSCAC), one member selected by the Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department, one member selected by the Washington Adventist Hospital, one member selected by the Montgomery County Department of Homeland Security. Appointees should have some professional background in emergency preparedness or operations and be available to perform committee duties during the day when required.

Representative committee members serve as long as determined by their agency or organization.

EPC Statement of Purpose

The Emergency Preparedness Committee shall assist in:

  1. Reviewing the City’s Emergency Operations Plan and recommending changes to the Council and City Manager, including changes to improve processes for assisting special populations during an emergency.
  2. Exploring the formation of volunteer neighborhood emergency teams that would assist City Departments in carrying out emergency activities when called upon.
  3. Assisting the City in coordinating with Montgomery County and other agencies to educate residents on their individual responsibilities for preparing their households for emergencies and providing information on what residents can expect from the City and County during an emergency.
  4. Exploring grant opportunities that would aid the City to improve the emergency preparedness of the Community and City Management–this would include assisting City staff in documenting and submitting desirable grants for review by the City Manager and concurrence of the Council.
  5. Reporting to the Council on the Committee’s progress six months after the Committee starts operating and every six months thereafter. Each report should provide appropriate recommendations for improving the City’s emergency preparedness along with budgetary implications that should be considered during the preparation of the annual budget.
  6. Coordinating with Montgomery County to offer and promote Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) or other citizen training programs for resident volunteers and committee members.
  7. Coordinating with the Montgomery County Volunteer Center to identify and promote volunteer opportunities under emergency situations. Assist in promoting these volunteer opportunities to Neighborhood Safety Contacts, citizen patrols, citizen associations, persons who serve or care for special City populations, and other City residents.
  8. Advising the City on strategies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the City preparedness activities and its relationship with relevant County, State and Federal Volunteer Agencies, and the American Red Cross, as well as the emergency preparedness organizations of neighboring jurisdictions.
  9. Suggesting test scenarios to the City Manager and providing Committee members to be present in the City’s Emergency Operations Center during Emergency Test Exercises to act as observers during the test and to provide input to the after action report of the test.


  • Alan Goldberg, Takoma Park Police Chief (City Co-Chair)
  • Thomas Horne, Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department
  • ________, Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
  • Andy Kelemen, Takoma Park resident member
  • Patrick Kimvilakani, Takoma Park resident member
  • Jennifer Kurtinitis, Takoma Park resident member (Community Co-Chair)
  • Kathleen Quinn, Takoma Park resident member
  • Jim Stoddard, Washington Adventist Hospital
  • James F. Wolf, Takoma Park resident member
  • Anne L. Polansky, Takoma Park resident member
  • Claudine Schweber, Takoma Park resident member

The Emergency Preparedness Committee generally meets the fourth Thursday of each month from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the Takoma Park Community Center. All meetings are open to the public.

General Emergency Preparedness Information for City of Takoma Park Residents